I kno you seen this…..


 Woodro When shit drops:

Intro zshare.net/audio/461028265c12a0/

Freestyle zshare.net/audio/461047145e2e40/

Bubble my coke zshare.net/audio/461073498b67f0/

Flushtown zshare.net/audio/461073498b67f0/

Dance zshare.net/audio/46106587283f1a/

Keep it movin zshare.net/audio/4610838107f9f4/

Flushing 500  zshare.net/audio/4610684062c896/

Block ave strips zshare.net/audio/4610544df0d179/

Puta or Wifey? zshare.net/audio/4610864f95800d/

Fly Guy (Pizzi p) zshare.net/audio/4610766e68de97/

Banned from TV zshare.net/audio/46105165c75701/

Victem (freestyle) zshare.net/audio/4610911836cd75/

For my latins zshare.net/audio/4610796d7b346a/

Resperation zshare.net/audio/46108809a1607a/

Niggas want me zshare.net/audio/4610978e9b2cf8/

Bing story zshare.net/audio/4610528a94fd4f/ 

Last stop (7) zshare.net/audio/4610711ef4286d/ 

2 Responses to “I kno you seen this…..”

  1. Woodros Girl Says:


  2. Big Homie Says:

    Damn you wasnt lyin with the music. Got to hear it when I get to the crib though.

    Yo your banner is the best *looks for a blunt*

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