Headed to the Party Life


I’m off the wall like a young Michael Jackson, these other niggas is Tito…Shout out to randy


Jay Z – Party Life


11 Responses to “Headed to the Party Life”

  1. Mindy Marin Says:

    hadn’t heard this.

    I’m imagining myself tongue kissing you….lol

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Okay, so I just read over everything on your main page.

    Just wanted to deliver some propssss on the whole thing. The post on The Government’s Real Estate Fuckery was insightful, and I dug the poem/lyrics–I can relate to some of it.

    Good shit over here.


  3. Big Homie Says:

    The sample used on this is straight crack. I think I need to do another sample post soon…lol

    LOL on the pic used

  4. woodro Says:

    word the sample they used was Little beaver – Headed to the party life….dope song too…dropped 1973

  5. Bones Says:

    Who’s that dude in the corner of the picture? He looks like the maintenance man at my job…

  6. woodro Says:

    i thought that was some actor??? the nigga that plays the tuff guy in old school black flicks…damn i think he was in original gangsters…..

  7. NOTTS Says:

    yo thats beyonces pops on the side

  8. woodro Says:

    oh lol i thought it was that nigga from original gangsters

  9. Bones Says:

    thanks for solving that mystery nots a.k.a. industry insider extraordinnaire

  10. The XFacta Says:

    *Throws up Dynasty sign*

  11. Misseducated Chik Says:

    The Rocs in the building…No need to applause cause he is the Mike Jordan of recording…get the fuk out of here that old ass nigga…

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