Moral of the story….


Saigon – The moral of the story

Over due, worth the purchase and offical…Run to your local mixtape spot and get it(no shots)

Saigon meets Just Blaze

2 Responses to “Moral of the story….”

  1. woodro Says:

    Thuggapolitical flow…ima lyrical pro…know niggas be biting, but you know im original tho

  2. billy bob redneck Says:

    we need more folks like big meech…. thank you very much you stupid niggers youve made our job SO much easier….all we gotta do is sit back and watch you simple motherfuckers destroy each other….ha ha ha ha ha….the white man brings this shit in the country and you dumb fucks sell it wrecking your communities and getting locked up and/or murdered….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU..youve done a much better job than we ever could have….sincerley yours you retardsretards…billy bob redneck aka the grand dragon of the KKK

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