Drop a Gem on em’…part 1


†How can you point fingers at rap music, when there are movies promoting violence and drugs?† What about Brittney Spears showing her pussy to the media?† Isnít there something wrong with them?† Here is my rebuttal to Jay-Z.† There is no one on this planet that is without sin.† Everyone is equal by one inherent trait Ė they are all imperfect to some degree.† His argument is so childish †(C) Bones pabon†

he also wrote ”why ask why? Nigga cause you should”

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †

I missed the part when it stopped bein ’bout Imus

What do my lyrics got to do with this shit!

“Scarface” the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me

So that ain’t to blame for all the shit that’s happened to me

Are you sayin what I’m spittin

Is worse than these celebrataunts showin they kittin, you kiddin!

Let’s stop the bullshittin

‘Til we all without sin, let’s quit the pulpittin.

    • Jay Z, from the song Ignorant Shit off of American Gangster

When Wood asked me to write some columns for his blog, I had a bunch of ideas.† I wanted to write about the things that have happened in this country which created the notion of ďMinorities on the bottom, Whites on the topĒ.† In order to understand things as they exist currently, you have to look at history and see what happened to precede these things and give them foundation and validation.† I originally wrote about the FHA and the creation of suburbia and the power of land/proprety ownership.† I wanted to write more about Social Security, the Red Scare and the Cold Warís effect on the blacks and the black freedom struggle (or civil rights movement).† There is a plethora of topics I would love to, and will hopefully write about, at least on Woodís blog.† However, thereís something I wanted to talk about now, which seemed more relevant now because itís something that we all can relate to; itís happening in the present as opposed to the other topics which are history.

Jay-Z makes a basic argument in this song.† How can you point fingers at rap music, when there are movies promoting violence and drugs?† What about Brittney Spears showing her pussy to the media?† Isnít there something wrong with them?† Here is my rebuttal to Jay-Z.† There is no one on this planet that is without sin.† Everyone is equal by one inherent trait Ė they are all imperfect to some degree.† His argument is so childish.† The first time I heard the song, I thought about all the times my parents would come to my room to find my brother and I fighting, and they would say stop it, and either I or my brother would say ďHe started itĒ.† Both of us are fighting.† Both of us are WRONG.† How does the importance of who started the fight diminish the reality that we are both WRONG?† Am I missing something here? (I wonder how many of you thought I was gonna ride on Jay on this one).

Now here is where I take my stand Ė this is where I draw my line in the sand.† If you are a minority, and you are aware enough of the structural institutions that are unfair and racist (schools, hospitals, police, etc.), then you have no other choice but to rebel against that system by doing what is right, not wrong.† By this I mean seek higher learning, get a job of gainful employment, try to convince your friends to abandon the endless cycle of ignorance and doing ďthat nigga shitĒ.† Yeah the system is fucked up.† Believe me, if anyone knows about how the system is fucked up, itís me.† But you know what?† Like Chris Rock said, Life is fucked up.† That is not going to change.† There are going to be people at the bottom who just canít escape poverty, just like you are gonna have people at the top who do white collar crime that hurts thousands (TYCO, ENRON, WORLDCOM).† We live in a capitalist society that creates incredible economic disparity (10% of the population controls 90% of the money).† The same system that screws minorities screws millions of white people as well.† And hereís the big problem Ė if the system was so fucked up that absolutely no minority could advance in society, and was forever relegated to the lowest paying, most terrible jobs, and had absolutely no opportunity, then I, and every other like-minded person would have a rock-solid argument.† We could march to the streets of Washington D.C. to demand changes.† And we still can do that.† But you know what?† Minorities actually make it out of poverty and out of the ghetto.† (Whatís that you say Bones?† Minorities actually make it out of the ghetto and achieve prosperity and take advantage of opportunities afforded to them?† Pish posh!!!!† What is this madness you speak of?)† Yeah I know Ė it seems like Iím talking Chinese here, but itís true.† I promise.† The thing is, itís not an easy road to take.† Itís difficult to stand up in the face of incredible adversity and decide to change your life for the better.† Thatís why so many minorities resort to things like crime, especially selling drugs.† Speaking of selling drugs (and when I mean drugs, I mean more serious shit like coke, crack, heroin Ė Iím not too sure weed should be included in that category), that seems like a good occupation right?† Constant involvement in illegal activity, fear of being arrested, fluctuating product prices, canít trust your coworkers, near certainty of usually violent death or incarceration Ė where do I sign up?† So Scarface the movie had a big impact on your life Jay-Z?† Well Iím sorry that your mother never explained to you that it was a fucking movie, not reality (and even in the movie, Scarface ends up dead).†

Look Ė Iím all for creative freedom.† I love when rappers can come to the stage, and show the whole world that they have made something of themselves in spite of the incredible hardships and racism that they had to endure.† After all, the struggle of the minority in America is not akin to that of anyone else.† People need to be made aware of the situations in the ghettos of America, and rappers do that just about better than any New York Times columnist ever could.† But once youíve done that, you are done. There is no need to continue to embrace that lifestyle, no need to continue in the ignorant behavior.† If youíre smart enough to realize all of the things that keep minorities down in this society, then you should be smart enough to not try to add another one (glorification of crime and violence and mistreatment of women).† If anything you should be trying to change things.† I know Iím not perfect and I make no claim to be (Iíve said this before).† Iíve made a lot of mistakes in my life, Iíve done things I am not proud of (things I canít mention on this website), but I would like to think of myself as a different person now and I just want to spread my education and opinions with those around me.† Hopefully it inspires people to either agree with me and do something, or challenge me, which I also look forward to.† (For the record Ė I donít see anything wrong with Ďtakingí jewelry off of niggas in the club who try to set it on me or my team and then get fucked up themselves.† I also donít see anything wrong with defending yourself.† Iím just saying, not that Iíve done or witnessed anything like that.† Drop Team all day).†

6 Responses to “Drop a Gem on em’…part 1”

  1. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Good sh*t my dude but I one thing to say.It is up to you to teach the difference. My parents kept me on the straight and narrow as much as they could. Sure money fuels these people but thats what they’re in it for. You can only count on yourself. Enjoy Jay-Z for what he is an entertainer. If you don’t want to listen to it then fine I feel you. You as a person (nor I) cannot depend on a man who stands to lose or not make millions if he changes his business practices. I enjoy the music and I see how the less knowing people let it control them. The sad truth is that they will always be there. So tighten you circle, make them aware of the minstrel show and push on. That’s all we can do….

  2. Kaychai Says:

    Great column. You speak the truth.

  3. Jaz Says:

    I must say…I can’t challenge you here. I am in complete agreement with you. Scarface is a great movie…but it teaches a lot. It shows what can happen when you fuck around in those “businesses”…either the government will get you or one of your competitors will. I am a firm believer in creating your own destiny…I could’ve taken many roads…and even as a drunk teenager I knew that I didn’t want to struggle for money…there’s enough in life to struggle for…money shouldn’t be one of them. All these drug dealers and the glorification of them puts us all down…it puts the race down because we all get generalized and it puts me down because I look like a sell out…not supporting my race. Fuck that…people need to learn how to get shit done…always talking shit how they’re broke and dealing is a quick way to get money…but for what. You risk your family and freedom for money? I know that when I get paid…NO ONE can take it away…well except for the large number of minorities on welfare. Life is good on the right side…I will never understand why people choose that path…it’s a choice and so many of us make the wrong one…unfortunately.

  4. Money C. Paycheck Says:

    I read this..I had to re-read it. I walked away from it then came back to it. I really cannot believe you took so much out of those 4 bars to come to such and argument that was so out of context. Hip-Hop has taken blows because of every little thing that happens in this country. “I missed the part when it stopped being ’bout Imus” I’m sorry to say this are you stupid?! Hip Hop went under direct fire because of his “nappy headed hoes” statement. Al Sharpton flew out of the woodworks claiming that Hip-Hop is to blame, the same culture we as African Americans use as an outlet whether we use it correctly or not it is our culture. Does the President of the United States blame rock n roll artist’s for the use of ecstasy in this country?! Who speaks on what cocaine did to the Civil Rights movement? “What does my music have to do with this shit?” That’s not a rhetorical question. Hip-Hop has been under siege for everything down to murders, illegitimate children, misogyny, drug use, shall I go on? And it’s nothing against your opinion or being a fan of Jay’s music but the simplicity in his statement says more than the facts (if any were valid facts and not just a matter of opinion) you stated. Understand that Scarface the movie influenced not only blacks but other races as well to believe this form of an “American Dream” to succeed in this country by any means. Artist’s have been defending themselves ever since Imus. Jay just simply stated his stance through a song which if you listened speaks volumes. Consumers which are mostly white love that Ignorant Shit, just ask 50. Is it right? No. Profitable? At times, but the responsibility is on us as a people to educate and uplift throughout. As a people we are all held accountable. That’s the only thing I can agree upon with this.

  5. Bones Says:

    The 4 bars I referenced here are just a sample of what’s wrong with minorities…this idea of just because our situation is fucked up we somehow have to embrace it and live it at all times…Jay-Z is a corporate icon…when he first came out it was fine to spread his message of life in the hood (I mentioned this in my column) but now he is smart, filthy rich and out of the hood, why is it necessary to release an album promoting a life of drug selling? what good could possibly come from that other than his pockets getting a little fatter?…and the fact that it’s “our” culture is exactly what I was saying is wrong…”we” are the only people on this planet who embrace a culture of violence against each other, demeaning and disrespecting our women…you said you read my article twice…maybe you should read it again…just because white rockers may promote ecstasy use DOES NOT MEAN THAT ITS OK FOR MINORITIES TO PROMOTE DRUG SELLING AND VIOLENCE…i made this point perfectly clear…white people can do that, you know why? because at the end of the day they’re still white, they have the complexion for the protection and we do not…they are not doing 30 year bids moving weight, they are not out coppin automatic weapons with silencers, they are not watching their bodyguard getting killed and not saying anything because they’re keeping it real…and just for the record white artists have been called out by the government before, for example ozzy ozbourne, after someone who listened to his music killed himself…its not just an attack on minorities, it’s an attack on morals…

  6. woodro Says:

    But you know what? Minorities actually make it out of poverty and out of the ghetto. (Whatís that you say Bones? Minorities actually make it out of the ghetto and achieve prosperity and take advantage of opportunities afforded to them? Pish posh!!!! What is this madness you speak of?) Yeah I know Ė it seems like Iím talking Chinese here, but itís true
    shit had me dying….but you speak the truth..and im sure everybody knows the deal man….they just decide to look the other way…and point a finger at sombody else….fuck it might as well…they point the finger at me i point the finger at them and they point there finger at sombody else….thats how it goes……nobody likes to take the blame for nothing..but man fuck hiphops argument if niggas can actually tell me that most hiphop is good for people they are wrong…ima hiphop head…i love the music….but i know the difference…i know whats going on….DO YOU????

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