The new mixtape(Woodro) is coming real soon, Delays up the ass due to some technical bullshit but niggas is back on track and the mixtape should be here soon(shout out to def jam)….Heres a couple tracks off of ”All day in America:Life Drugs & Hip Hop

Shout out to the nigga Notts!

Can i live

Check me out

We gon do our thing

5 Responses to “COMING ANY DAY NOW”

  1. THE MANAGER Says:

    POR FIN!! COņO!!!!

  2. G7 Says:

    i see you dro! do ya thing kneegrow!

  3. woodro Says:

    good looking the nigga G-zus holla

  4. Sammi Says:

    Sammi better get one!! lol

  5. Woodr0s Girl Says:

    i love the mixtape…

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