Life Drugs & HipHop


Woodro: All day in America:Life, Drugs & HipHop

When Shit drops


1.  Can i live(intro)                                                                             

2.  Sazon

3.  Check me out

4. Flushing dreamer(ima do my thing)

5.  Dominate

6.  Stuck on you

7.  Sounds like murda

8.  Serious feat. Bless

9.  Yesterdays

10. In the spot feat. Bing

11. Illuminatti feat. Jink 5

12. Heaven or Hell

13. Out here out there

14. Hostel feat. Jink 5

15. Independence Day feat. Joe Milly

16. Who you think i am feat. Jink 5

17. Maria

18. Get that money

19. Stuck in my ways feat. 5Star

20. Aprils fools

21. Where it started at feat. Jink5

22. a 16 to Hiphop

6 Responses to “Life Drugs & HipHop”

  1. G7 Says:

    good shit chief!i’m diggin the sound of the album.

  2. Sammi Says:

    Greatness Greatness!!

  3. Mirked Says:

    yea its soundin kinda nice…im bangin flushtown right now

  4. HHF Says:

    This is definelty dope ish. Real official.

  5. Woodr0s Girl Says:

    awww the album dats gonna b worth alot in the future inshallah…

  6. bertan Says: rap şarkı ve sözlerini bulabilirsiniz

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