Nigga you can’t Murder Uncle Murda


Most of ya already know,Tuesday night while sitting in a parked car†Motherfuckers try to Murda Uncle Murda†..

†The bullet grazed him in the head… “I think it was the police that shot me this time. I don’t know, I just got a feeling.”

While the bullet didn’t cause any major damage, it did lodge itself beneath the skin. Doctors told Murda it would fall out in about two to three weeks. When that happens, Murda plans to memorialize the metal.

††††††††††††”I might make it my album cover,” he said.

††††††††††† Uncle murda manager said this to sohh about the shooting:

ďThatís Uncle Murda, he donít die. The police know about as much as you know, nothin. Uncle Murda donít deal with no police, he deals with the streets. We donít talk to police!

You think he Respects the shooter? And you already know he gon have like†a huned†rhymes about getting shot in the head…

Green lanturn: Uncle murda Freestyle


Bullet Bullet

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    […] Then Uncle murda got shot in the head†You think he respects the shooter? […]

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