Respect the shooter

The feud between Uncle Murda and Papoose has been ugly. Somebody better step in and try to straighten this situation out cause its deeper than hiphop…Of course this fuckery is available on youtube..Where else could rappers post videos about shit that has nothing to do with music…Peep.. 


It started with the incident with one of them thugga thuggacation niggas swinging on Uncle Murda while he was walking through with Medina..”So i gripped up like i had that thang” (C) Uncle murda

Then Murda and Medina both got on cam and spoke about the situation…


Then ya man Kay slay talked about it taking a shit, while eating coco puffs…AWWW MANNN DAMNNN (c) Kay Slay

Then some time passed and ya man Big truck decided he was gonna try to get at Uncle Murda and fuck up his show(peed 4:15 ya man get hit in the head with a bottle)

Then ya man papoose got sucker punched and his mans got opened up

Then Uncle murda got shot in the head You think he respects the shooter?

Niggas should just squash the bullshit, but i dont see niggas stopping, somebody gotta step in….Somebody get Sharpton some Gators…

Oh by the way ya man Papoose dropped an uncle murda diss track called ”Who shot ya” Freestyle”….Papoose went in…

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