No Plane?

I been reading alot of different books and seeing alot of videos/documentaries about our government and about what happened on 911…

There seems to be so many different accounts to what actually happened that day..

My ex wifey who was attending john jay at the time was in the city area when it took place, i remember her telling me she saw a large fireball but didnt see or hear a plane…I laughed at her, called her stupid, and told her she was prob the only person that didn’t see a plane cause its all over tv, but was she stupid? Or was she just being honest….Then i came across this video on youtube that compares each of the 911 videos shown by the news chan and also the video labled ‘amature video’, they basically say there were no planes used on 911….

Now this is a very touchy subject cause people tend to argue that there were planes cause either, they saw the planes themselves, a friend saw the planes themselves or they seen it on tv…

Its 14 parts heres part one rest after the jump

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10

part 11

part 12

part 13

part 14

part 15

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