Berg v Obama

Ok the only reason why this caught my eye so much is because i have yet to hear the media talking about this, i mean it seems like FOX is always trying to get at Obama, why wouldn’t they use this too?

This guy Berg is a lawyer and his whole shit is he is stating that Obama is not a natural born citizen, he’s saying that Obama was not born in the United States, he is saying he is born in Kenya…

Its sounds like some bullshit but at the same time all Obama really has to do is show the proper documents and i’m sure all this will go away…

Just wondering why Fox news never spoke on this

2 Responses to “Berg v Obama”

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    […] Judge Throws Out Berg’s Obama Case Couple days ago i spoke about the Berg v Obama case regarding weather or not Oblicky was a Natrual citizen of the united states, Berg claimed that the […]

  2. Another law suit claiming Oblicky is not a citizen? « Life drugs & hiphop Says:

    […] I’m sure this is getting tossed too just like the Berg suit […]

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