This Generation has the ability to be the most informed since the begining of mankind

One of my favorite movies of all time is JFK staring ya man Kevin Costner as New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, that was a dope ass flick,Directed by Oliver Stone. Anyway judging from the direction of the site as of late you can see im into ”Conspiracy Theories” or what i like to call them ”The Truths That Scare the Shit Outta People” I know, to even begin to think our government is behind any conspiracy they are accused of is crazy or to have to even begin to understand somthing that is different from your everyday ABC-123 LIFE is difficult to consider espically for us Americans who are so blind to bullshit, motherfuckers dont even care about facts, only what is said on tv *Lights Blunt*

This film analyzes the JFK assassination very deeply, from governments involvement to ”Magic Bullet”. They also talk about the reaction of Govenor Connelly and the Driver. They speak on how surgury was preformed on the body befor the final autopsy was done and a bunch of other fuckery…

Part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6


One Response to “This Generation has the ability to be the most informed since the begining of mankind”

  1. ty big's Says:

    just commenting in spite of SDP

    but shit I didn’t even realize you did regular posts here i just thought you threw up your personal shit when you had new stuff

    either way * daps * regardless of SDP

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