Old School Camel

October 25, 2008

Some Old school Jay, Old School like 1986 damn i never heard this

Sup with that pose in the pic? I don’t even think in 86 that shit was cool…

Track is kinda dope tho, more vintage Camel after the jump


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The Little Hommie and the Big Poppa

October 25, 2008

Nas and Biggie Smalls on stage Freestyling in 1995

I wish i had the whole version of this!

Jigga and Biggie performing ”Get money” after the jump

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I will put my foot so far in your ass-the sweat of my knee will quench your thirst

October 25, 2008

Brooklyn is hardcore, cept for Jay-z and them niggas (C) Pun

Big Pun riding in the limo with a couple niggas from the Terror Squad-Cuban link, Armagedon,Charlie rock..

Pun, Getti, Cuban and Charlie spit a freestyle

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Thats not good Business

October 24, 2008

The good people at Bayer Corp knowingly sold HIV AIDS infected blood to parts of Europe like France, and Latin American countries and also Spain and Japan….They basically knew the blood was bad and contaminated with the virus. So our government bans the contaminated drugs from being used in the United States, and what does the Bayer corp do they dump it on other parts of the world, Wow..

What are the Origins of Civilization

October 23, 2008

A Documentary about The lost City of Caral in Peru ’‘the Mother City”

The discovery of a lost city in Peru was a great archaeological discovery in the quest to find the origins of civilization, was the first civilization built on warfare?  Was this the mother city to all civilization?

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Who controls the land-it’s all a slight of hand-People think they know but they dont understand..

October 23, 2008

This is basically an updated Zeitgeist on steroids, Link for the first Zeitgeist (uncut)

ALien Interview

October 22, 2008

I seen this a couple years ago and just so happen to come across it online, im not saying this is real but they have countless experts on video analysis, ufo experts, make-up and movie prop designers and a bunch of other people trying to prove the tapes authenticity…

Of all the conspiracies, Aliens are the hardest for me to believe but this documentary is really good and very well put together…

What do you think?

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Politicin with rappers

October 22, 2008

Alot of niggas seen this, alot of niggas havent So obviously this is for my niggas that haven’t seen this

You got  Canibus talking about the beef with LL and how it started he also kicks that verse from 2nd round knock out, Big Pun was cracking jokes, DMX was being DMX what more can i say, Mos Def was trying to preach that shit, but nobody wanted to hear that, Mic Geronimo walked in late and aint say much lol, and John Forte was holding it down as well , they all kick a 16 as well


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October 21, 2008

MF Woodro – Supa! (In my ultimate warriror face mask)

Pops in the crib and i got this bitch moaning, the smacking of her ass is causing a commotion, pops came out, shorty is a trooper, she ended up fucking us both, SUPA!

It’s all about genetics

October 21, 2008

This is a video of David Icke speaking on Illuminati bloodlines, this dude speak alot of truth but when he starts to speak of these bloodlines somehow are Reptillian he almost loses me….

David Icke has been fighting against the illuminati and exposing them for over 20 years…He says don’t take his word for it, do your own reasearch, seek your own knowledge…

Parts 1-5 of David Icke: Was he right? after the jump (He talks how EnglandRepresent types)

Fun fact: Obama is related to Bush and Cheney

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Tupac’s Genius pt2

October 21, 2008

1995 Tupac Shakur Interview from Prison

Part 2 after the jump

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Mccain’s Brain (nhjic)

October 20, 2008

This is some funny shit They call it ”Mccain’s Brain”

I was dying….

more episodes after the jump                           

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The hood is voting for Obama

October 20, 2008

Why you think white people be voting for white people? Cause they white.


Wow. This shouldn’t be funny but it is.

Coral Castle

October 20, 2008

Coral Castle is a stone structure located in florida, it is made mostly of coral stones…

Whats dope about this structure is that it was built by one man Edward Leedskalnin

Edward Leedskalnin build this structure alone, using his self made hand built tools, he would work at night and alone…

How is it possible, that a man like 5’nothing 100 pounds lift such large stones by himself, and why was he so secretive? What technology was he using? Was it the same knowledge that was used to build the pyramids?

You tell me

Tupac’s Genius

October 20, 2008

This nigga Tupac was a genius in this first interview Pac addressing Nas…He also talked about Biggie and the Wu-tang, why he called himself Makiavelli and more

Every so often ima drop Pac interviews cause theres so many jewels he’s dropping..

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